Logan Logistics is also a full service brokerage firm, we can handle anything from a small one-time move, to handling your entire traffic department!

You have a set of logistics challenges. With over 50 years in the business, Logan Logistics has the solutions.

Managing supply chains is a complicated business. You know it isn’t just about moving goods. It’s about replacing inventory with information. It’s about staying connected with your supply chain partners.

Logan Logistics helps you manage your supply chain to its maximum efficiency.

We do this by leveraging our 50+ years of transportation experience every time we tackle a tough logistics problem. We use our deep operating knowledge to create solutions as unique as your needs. We employ the brightest minds in the industry. We draw on our strong network of transportation providers.

Just call 800-683-0142 for brokerage service.
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Call us today at 330-478-1404 | Email us with any safety concerns
US Department of Transportation

DOT Carrier Ratings

The United States Department of Transportation Safety Measurement System has assessed the performance of our drivers. Take a look.

EPA Smartway

Smartway Certified Partner

We are an EPA SmartWay certified partner, working to reduce our emissions for a cleaner tomorrow.

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